Leon Loucheur

All That's Left

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    • 24 x 24 inches
    • © 2013
    • Acrylic and Spray-Paint on Canvas
  • About Sentient City:
    Inspired by the local animals of San Francisco, Sentient City is an exploration of the wild, feeling beings living in our urban midst. It is the life all around us that we forget exists, the connecting thread of consciousness that runs through all life in this city, and on our planet. Extrapolating from a local observation, Leon moves on to explore much more universal themes, using layered narratives to make thematic gestures toward life on a changing planet.

    Inspired by religious paintings, graphic design, and surrealism, Leon gives us a remix that is modern, naturalist, and yet carries the gravitas of traditional religious iconography. His work commands our attention not to a god, but to the beating heart of our shared experiences as sentient beings.
  • Leon Loucheur is a self taught artist who developed his skills through experimentation and dedication into a unique style of painting. At the heart of Leon’s work is a love of storytelling, ranging from the simple and gestural, to more highly layered narratives inspired by his experiences and the world around him. His work is frequently focused on exploring relationships of polarities; light and dark, order and chaos, rough abstraction and highly rendered forms, nature and urban decay. He enjoys trying to find balance in seemingly incompatible elements, to make a visual harmony, synonymous to urban life.
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