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  • Floating on the Boundless Realms of Nostalgia

      • Oil on OSB
      • 41.5 x 61 cm. | 16 x 24 in. 
      • © 2022
    • Tania Rivilis began painting at the age of 27, after moving to Germany in 2012. Since 2015, she began taking part in art shows and exhibitions around the world. Tania’s paintings are now part of museum, gallery, and private collections all over the world, such as Jonathan and Stuart Hyman collection, State Museums of St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg Museum, Vladimirskiy Palace and Marble Palace), and Astoria Hotel (Rocco Forte Hotels). Since 2019 Tania is a permanent exhibitor at Bonnard Galerie, Netherlands, and Arcadia Contemporary, New York, as well as displaying work at LA Art Fair (presented by Arcadia Gallery), and Amsterdam First Art Fair (Bonnard Gallery).

      In 2022 Tania received the prestigious William Lock Prize for the most timeless portrait, with real feeling for paint and aesthetic potential.

      Since 2021 she is taking active part in the NFT community (SuperRare, Foundation, KnownOrigin, Objkt etc) and has collaborated with hollywood actors like Val Kilmer, Laurence Fuller and Cynthia San Luis. Her NFT art is in the NFT collection of Cozomo de Medici, Misan Harriman (Tezos Foundation) and Trevor Jones.
      In addition, Tania has done podcasts with contemporary artists and was a guest on John Dalton´s podcast.
      Currently Tania lives in Germany and in Portugal.
      The work of Tania Rivilis is distinguished by a wide range of themes and a variety of techniques: from classical and academic portraits to contemporary impressionist works, from gala oil portraits to graphic drawings. Her signature style reveals a personal desire of art experiment and paying homage to traditional craftsmanship at the same time: this is a concept of classical art in modern interpretation.

      The artist strives to combine forms, colors, and art history in order to find a new expressive language of beauty. Searching for interesting images and types, conveying the soul through appearance and gaze – Tania’s works are focused on the philosophical reading of the human image and the dialectical concept of the human soul.