• On view March 12–April 2
    Opens March 12, 6–9 pm

    Modern Eden proudly presents a solo exhibition from New York based artist Lori Nelson. 

    From the artist: A few years before the Pandemic, my family and I left Brooklyn for the Catskill Forest in Upstate New York. We craved forest and space and, I especially, desired the roaming and foraging that became part of an everyday schedule. I would awaken every day, breathless to discover new fungi that had popped up overnight in our woods and then, with stacks of guidebooks on the front porch, take the steps to ID and sometimes eat the bounty.

    By the time Covid hit then, I was well versed in mycology and the cycles of the forest so not a lot changed for me personally. However an exodus began from NYC to the safety of the Upstate New York forests. A great decampment began and I witnessed a turning to the immersive world of the natural as urban options and distractions were removed. The decampment from the city was actually very good for very many.

    My latest work explores what it means to leave behind a metropolitan world for the solitude of the natural world and the many systems therein. Emerging from the blur of the past couple of years, my hope is that we retain some of the bounty we’ve collected during these “unprecedented times” and that, as some return to their city lives, they’ll keep a possible decampment in their back pocket.

    Lori Nelson is a Brooklyn and Catskills-based painter whose narrative work incorporates aspects of traditional portraiture, Magic Realism, and vintage story-book illustration. In her ongoing "Cryptotween" series she explores the vulnerability and essence of what it means to be young and monstrous. Nature and technology also play prominently in her paintings as do the “homey” aspects of her homespun childhood built around self-reliance in a religious household in the West.

    Nelson has exhibited her work internationally and has been widely covered in a variety of media including Vice, Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Beautiful Bizarre, and Flavorwire. For nine consecutive years, Nelson has worked in different capacities with 4heads, the New York City nonprofit organization that produces the annual Governors Island Art Fair. Among her duties, Nelson has served as the director of the Artist in Residence program and director of the art fair’s small-works pop-up shop.