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  • The Chosen Asymmetry

      • Oil on canvas and wood 
      • 13.5  x 9 in. 
      • © 2023
      • 14.5 x 10 in. (f) 
      • Framing included 
      • Original inspiration: Petrus Christus - Portrait of a Young Woman, 1470
    • Anhuar Del Prado is a Mexican artist who likes to explore different themes on his art, using oil painting and graphite techniques as the main mediums to convey his ideas. His creative efforts are dedicated to praising and celebrating his personal experiences, thoughts, people and events, whether they have had a profound impact on him or even daily moments that inspire him.
      His intent is to convey the inherent uniqueness and meaning of each thing he takes for inspiration. In this way, each artwork he paints serves as a window into these experiences, seeking to give them their own place by enveloping his representations in a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere that the mediums he employs can provide and incorporating items and symbols in his compositions that have had a significant impact on him and influenced him.
      For many years, he worked as a graphic designer and while he found satisfaction in his work, he felt that there was something deeper he yearned to express. It was through experimentation and artistic exploration that the artist discovered a channel for the liberation of their true creative voice. By embarking on this new professional journey, they found a means to capture their internal vision, emotions, and interpretation of the world that surrounded them. Starting to engage in oil painting in 2017, he achieved his first solo exhibition in his city, Querétaro, Mexico that same year, and later signed up for future exhibitions for the museum and that's how he has continued his journey in art.