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      • Porcelain
      • 15 x 5.5 x 5.5 in. 
      • © 2023
    • "My name is Tatiana Trifonova. I live and work in Moscow-city, Russia. After I graduated from the university of MARHI, I took part as an artist-designer in a great number of decorative designs. Those projects were of vast directions and complexity levels, starting with apartment designs and continuing to government order for aircraft's cabin interiors. Developing a wide range of design-projects and solving a lot of artistic tasks coupled with a great passion for the world of dolls and fantasy led me to create the first porcelain doll of mine in the year of 2010. To my surprise, it's obtained recognition among doll-fanciers and professional artists. Those people gave me a lot of helpful advice and shared their rich experiences with me. Eventually all the sudden for me the hobby, so to speak doll by doll, became something more substantial and in the year of 2011 the project "TriffonyArtwork" was launched. Nowadays some of the most popular dolls of "TriffonyArtwork" brand are made not only of porcelain, but using polyurethane in order to meet rising customer's interest and demand for dolls. It allows offering some of the most popular dolls for more affordable prices as well. From the very beginning the most important thing for me was not only focusing on embody conception, but making strong emphasis on fine details which are very important for final image perception. Collaboration with the "Stardoll" company helps to maintain high standards of workmanship quality during production of polyurethane dolls. Welcome to my world of dolls."