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  • An Oracle

      • Polymer clay and wood 
      • 8 x 5.5 x 5.5 in. 
      • © 2023
    • Natascia Raffio was born in Rome during the 1979 Carnival.
      As a child she was already nourishing the need to take refuge in the world of drawing and painting. Over the years she developed her passion for comics as well, a medium that allows her to express herself through semi-autobiographical stories.
      Being a versatile artist, she experiments with a wide range of techniques from drawing to painting until she reaches the third dimension by modeling her characters using different sculptural techniques including 3D modeling, preferring the use of plastic materials while remaining faithful to her style and its pop surrealist aesthetic.
      In 2017 she presented her solo show “Rococò Nightmare” at the Core Gallery in Rome and made her first stop motion video for the popular Italian band T.A.R.M called “ad un passo dalla luna”.
      She has exhibited in museum spaces such as the Macro contemporary art museum of Rome (2013 “Once upon a time” , 2019 “Neo-Cute”) and prestigious galleries such as the Dorothy Circus Gallery (Rome)