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Thought Rocket: Wood Maryanna Hoggatt $300.00
Surf Mars Chris Leib $185.00

Fishing Trip Chris Leib $260.00
Thinking of You Catherine Moore $2,250.00
Development Bradley Platz $1,200.00

Hispaniolan Trogon Melissa Hartley $210.00
Emerald Toucanet Melissa Hartley $210.00
Whispers of a Storm Anja Altenburg Laursen $950.00

The Spoil Leilani Bustamante $950.00
It's in the Air Jean-Paul Mallozzi $550.00

Little Dreamer Hannah Yata $600.00
Vitality Miranda Meeks $900.00

Shifting Direction Richard Salcido / Frank Gonzales $2,450.00
Erinyes Sling Christina Mrozik $1,300.00

Rise of the Yōkai Lara Dann / John Wentz $1,000.00
The Water Divides Laura Buss / Michael Ramstead $1,200.00

The Other Sister Leilani Bustamante / Catherine Moore $1,400.00
Perennial Tara Krebs / Alex Garant $2,150.00
Stealing Softly Forth Kari-Lise Alexander $1,200.00

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