Before You Gone

Mel Alves

    • Mixed Media: Acrylic, Oil, and Graphite on Canvas
    • 8 x 10 in. 
    • © 2017
    • 11 x 13 in. (f)
  • Mel Alves is a visual artist living in San Francisco, CA. Alves was born in December 1983 San Jose, California (USA) but raised in Portugal.

    On her recent work- Urban Jungle- Alves focuses on current social and cultural issues, such as Gun violence and Culture of fear. She addresses how we are losing core human values, being consumed by a Society that is built around power, greed, individuality and deception. Alves has been creating animal taxidermy inspired trophies made of toy guns, describing paradoxes between hunter and prey, power and powerless, violence and protection, toy and weapon.

    Alves has also been painting “animal masks” where she explores the relation between animal instinct and our deepest inner self, viewed per the artist as our Essence.

    Even though the art of Francis Bacon will always be what ignited her artistic pursuit, Alves has been mainly influenced by the interaction of Installation Art, the motion of Vídeo Art and the marginality of Street Art. Some of her favorite artists are Christian Boltanski, Louise Bourgeois, Marina Abramovic, Mathew Barney, Bill Viola and Banksy.

    Since moving, on October 2011, from London UK, Melanie Alves decided to focus entirely on her Art, participating in various shows around town, including Wonderland sf, 111 Minna gallery, Spoke Art and Modern Eden.

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