Nikole Cooney

Reclamation of Innocence

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    • Paperclay, magic sculpt, wire, gessoed fabric, steel ring, reiki energy, and amethyst          
    • 28 x 10 x 10 in. 
    • © 2020
    • Hanging sculpture 
  • Nikole Cooney is best known for creating otherworldly images reflecting her connection with nature and appreciation for wildlife through surreal and fantastic imagery. Her work speaks of the resilient and ephemeral qualities of both nature and man in an anthropomorphic way. Many sculptures contain elements of adjacent pieces unifying them to create their own environment.

    “Working with materials such as wood, found and recycled objects, stone, and a variety of clays, helps to reinforce my personal connection with nature in a very tangible way. My intention is that each piece is infused with the wild beauty and complexity that surrounds us but is frequently overlooked.”

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