Jesús Inglés


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    • Oil on canvas        
    • 29 x 24 in. | 73 x 61 cm. 
    • © 2020 
  • Jesús Inglés is an Artist and teacher of drawing and painting. Born on October 22, 1988, in Cartagena (Murcia, Spain). He acknowledges that his childhood was not that of a child who always had a happy day. His problem was really the school system, he always felt out of place, he did not connect with the other children. Since he was very young, he felt that he was surrounded by copies of people, almost all of them looked the same, they followed the same roles that “the popular” marked. He always looked different from the rest and that somehow made him feel good, but in turn it weighed him.

    His best memories for those who think he essentially had a good childhood and those who perhaps marked his future, were those weekends where he enjoyed with his parents on the family farm, a country house where agriculture was worked. The cattle ranch, where he was free and he enjoyed feeding the cows, taking care of bunnies, playing with his dogs, accompanying his father in the farm work and exploring the nature that surrounded him, looking for insects, lizards, snakes, hares, rabbits , ducks and foxes, feeling the breeze and the smell of the field. Not forgetting those winters in front of the fireplace fire that his mother always kept alive, feeling the warmth of the home and his family.

    "Art makes us reflect, makes us feel, connects us emotionally and intellectually, art as a synthesis of Human ingenuity, the oldest universal language, art as a means to reestablish that ancestral link between the Human Being and the biosphere."

    Jesús Inglés Canalejo is able to transmit through his art, this immense feeling of duty, responsibility and most of all, love towards nature. The expression on both humans and animals conveys this natural, yet mystical connection between the two. Something that has somehow become rare, although since the beginning of time this connection existed. When all is said and done, one is left thinking, who protected who? Through his art, Canalejo is able to bring us back to this primitive, raw, and very genuine state of emotions that leaves us wanting to participate in this alluring dance between human and nature.

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